So I can’t NOT compare this place to the other #Taiwanese place around the corner.All you really need to know is that this one is a sad step down and you should just stick with Taiwanese Gourmet.
For details, read on:
An overarching theme here is that they have poor knife skills.So much is cut too large and inconsistently.For example, some of the pieces of pig intestines were large and chewy while others were tiny, in random shapes.(I don’t remember ever complaining about this of any restaurant.It’s not super top of mind until it’s a glaring problem that effects taste and texture.) The #ricecakes were gummy while the pork was again inconsistently sized.The salt and pepper #calamari was too chewy.The #beef #noodle #soup , #porkchop #rice , and #oysterpancake were just mediocre in flavor.The best dish was just plain sauteed water convolous.
I had high hopes, mainly because there’s a big bowl of swan tsai (pickled mustard greens) on every table.The pros end there…

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