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Date Nut Squares (Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free)

Friday,July 12,2013

Lon's been going light on dairy for a long time and as his intolerance grew more severe,he had to get more strict.At this point,他99%不含奶。While battling his digestive issues,他花了6个月的时间不吃麸质,看看是否有帮助。It didn't seem to benefit him so he is […]



When I had extra Meyer lemons to use up,I decided to preserve them.My intention was to try that famous Moroccan chicken dish with olives and preserved lemon.Well,life got in the way,这还没有发生。它会的。
不过,还是发生了更好的事情!The Moroccan inspiration was definitely in mind one […]

Street Food at Home: Lamb Gyro

星期二,manbetx官方网站手机客户端September 8,二千零九

We're still touring through California,but for those of you hungry for a recipe,here's a treat we did just before leaving…
One of my favorite lunch foods (when I'm not strictly following is street meat.  I'm talking about lamb shawarma from a cart.  One of my favorites in Manhattan is the guy in front […]

Braised Lamb Shanks with Chickpeas and Dried Fruit

Thursday,January 8,二千零九

This dish is inspired by Moroccan flavors,which I love.水果的使用使羊肉丰富而重的味道更加明亮。Although this dish does require some work,with so many ingredients,it is all very simple considering the restaurant quality meal you'll be able to present.

Hummus,Quinoa Tabbouleh,and Eggplant Caperberry Salad

星期一,manbetx官方网站手机客户端September 1,2008

As I mentioned in my previous post,I served Moroccan Spiced Chops with Pluot Sauce to Angie and Scott.You don't think that's all I served,do you?Of course not!Meals at our place are always feasts!With that we had Tzatziki (I've posted this recipe before),Hummus,Quinoa Tabbouleh,Eggplant Caperberry Salad,and […]

Spicy Baba Ganouj

星期二,July 1,2008

我今天决定做芭巴·甘努伊,一个灯泡坏了——我应该加上哈里萨(我在SOS厨师那里买的)。It just made sense in my head so I was hoping the result would be as good.For me,the harissa was a hit!It brought out a […]